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Fortune Entrepreneur is a Startup accelerator platform that helps Afrocentric founders to understand, access capital, get connected, and discover the market.

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Fortune Entrepreneur is a Startup accelerator platform that helps Afrocentric founders to understand, access capital, get connected, and discover the market.

About The Fortune
Entrepreneur Programs

Curated Curriculum

The Lab customizes a curriculum for each startup, including finance & sales strategy, marketing & branding, and private sessions with industry experts.

Mentorship That Makes A Difference

Fortune Entrepreneur pairs each startup with hand-picked mentors who provide advice and counsel to help each company grow and scale its business.

Powerful Networks

We introduce startups to our bankers, financial advisors, technology experts and others who can connect each company to their industry networks. We also give them access to potential clients and the investor ecosystem at large.

Showcase And Demo Day

Our five-month program culminates with a Demo Day during which all participants can present to a network of investors, potential business partners and customers, who could help take their companies to the next level.

6 Month Fast-Track Programme

We assemble top-notch training programs developed by industry experts and updated constantly to reflect the latest information available.

Helping to scale High Growth Potential Food Ventures.

African Food Accelerator Program

The unique program focuses on mentoring and investing
in innovative food start-up companies that aim to promote African food on a global scale. Thereby making African food readily available for the international food and restaurant industry and helping to create more jobs for Africans. This program is in partnership with the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics.

Black People’s Passions For Creativity.

Black Creative Stars Accelerator

The Black Creative Stars is aimed at empowering young
black people with the opportunity to Learn, Create, Distribute and Monetize Afrocentric content across the global digital entertainment landscape. We are committed to connecting passionate young people about the arts with mentorship and tools for understanding creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Open Innovation Accelerator

Fortune Enterpreneur cultivates open innovation, empowering, aspiring entrepreneurs to build, raise fund, scale, and transform ideas into reality.

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We offer accredited online courses that are available for anyone wishing to acquire new skills and gain professional certification to take their career to the next leel.

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