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The Fortune Entrepreneur platform serves as a startup accelerator, guiding Afrocentric entrepreneurs in comprehending, obtaining capital, networking, and exploring markets.

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Fortune Entrepreneur offers a start-up accelerator platform designed to assist Afrocentric founders in comprehending, obtaining capital, networking, and exploring the market.

About The Program

Curated Curriculum

Customized curriculum is provided by The Lab for each start-up, which includes education on finance and sales strategy, branding and marketing, and private meetings with experts from the industry.

Mentorship That Makes A Difference

The mentorship program provided by Fortune Entrepreneur pairs each startup with expert mentors, who provide indispensable guidance to help businesses achieve growth and scalability.

Powerful Networks

Our extensive network of industry professionals and investors enables us to introduce startups to potential clients and investment opportunities.

Showcase And Demo Day

At the end of our five-month program, we organize a Demo Day where participants can showcase their business ideas to potential investors, partners, and customers, who can assist in propelling their ventures forward.

Fortune Entrepreneur Programs

We assemble top-notch training programs developed by industry experts and
updated constantly to reflect the latest information available.

Black People’s Passions For Creativity.

Black Creative Stars Accelerator

The Black Creative Stars is aimed at empowering young
black people with the opportunity to Learn, Create, Distribute and Monetize Afrocentric content across the global digital entertainment landscape. We are committed to connecting passionate young people about the arts with mentorship and tools for understanding creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Helping to scale High Growth Potential Food Ventures.

African Food Accelerator Program

The unique program focuses on mentoring and investing
in innovative food start-up companies that aim to promote African food on a global scale. Thereby making African food readily available for the international food and restaurant industry and helping to create more jobs for Africans. This program is in partnership with the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics.

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